Thankful Baptist Church is rooted in loving God, loving our neighbors, and living our lives in a manner befitting the Lord. This is the best and only way we, as followers of Christ and good citizens, can fulfill our mission.

"Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind. And, love your neighbor as yourself." Luke 10:27



Simply stated, we are working and walking the path paved with values instilled in us by the teachings of Jesus. We encourage you to come with us, especially if you are seeking answers to your questions of faith and spirituality.

The good we do outside the walls of worship is just as worthy and valuable as the time spent within. That is what truly strengthens our faith.

Sis. Emma Walter, Secretary

Dea. Irfan Green, Co-Chairman

Dea. Terrence Morse, Chairman

Dea, Alphonzo Burgess, Treasurer

Dea. Anthony Hannah
Security Ministry
Sis. Maxine Hitchcock
Cleaning Ministry
Sis . Louise Whitlock
Cleaning Ministry
Bro. James Burgess
Finance Ministry
Bro.D aniel Elder
Minister of Music
Sis. Beverly Whitehead
Choir Ministry President
Sis. Casandra Morse
TBC Newsletter Ministry
Sis. Angela Jewell
Sis. Kenatty Watkins
Youth Ministry
Sis. Carol Dorsey
Usher Ministry

Our Ministry Leaders

Dea. Mike Hubbard
Kitchen Ministry
Sis. Linda Thomas
Deaconness Ministry
Sis. Mary Burgess
Cleaning Ministry
Sis. Delois Slack
Drama & Media Ministry
Dea. Alphonzo Burgess
Grounds Ministry